Thanks, Universe
SKU: 979-8454108663

Across fifteen years and two continents, three generations of mothers and daughters navigate fraught relationships, and define 'family' on their own terms.

Book One of The Azevedo Women can be read as a standalone.
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An Artist's Heart
SKU: 979-8458739498

Jewel accepts an invitation to live with friends in Carmel where she meets fiery local artist Vince. When Jewel learns what Vince has been hiding, she decides she is better off without him. Vince is not ready to admit defeat, but he has an obsessed admirer of his own, and she is willing to risk lives to get him back.

Book Two of the Azevedo Women can be read as a standalone.
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SKU: 979-8461601645

As a lonely teenager, Angie Lazar scratched a crude tattoo on her hand--a dragonfly, the symbol of change. Change was what she wanted most of all. Now, Angie has no choice but to change her life, and fast, before her husband gets out of jail and tries again to kill her. To keep her daughter safe, Angie trusts a stranger and starts a new life where no one from her past can find them.
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The Abduction of Adrienne Berg
SKU: 978-1685132859

Releases October 5, 2023.

A reclusive woman becomes obsessed with her kidnapper and helps him flee to Mexico with stolen millions, but her plans for their happy ending are threatened by his firm commitment to another woman.
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